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Do I need to bring fishing gear on our fishing charter?
No. We provide all fishing bait and tackle. We also provide bags for your catch. It is advisable to bring a cooler for your catch, but leave it in the car for when we return. If you have your own personal favorite fishing rod, ask the captain if it will be appropriate for use during your CT fishing charter.

What should I wear on the boat charter trip?
We advise you to wear appropriate boat charter clothing: soft-sole shoes, a hat, sunglasses and rain gear, if needed (we do fish in the rain). Definitely, remember the sunscreen especially during June and July!!!

Is sea sickness an issue?
No, not usually. The Sea Sprite Fishing Charter of Old Saybrook, CT operates in mostly sheltered waters around the islands of eastern Long Island ........ You’ll be fine!

Are life jackets provided on the boat charter?
Yes. The Sea Sprite exceeds all Coast Guard requirements and regulations for safety. We have life jackets for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Are there age requirements for the boat charter?
No. Children and senior citizens of all ages are welcome on our CT fishing and boat charters.

Is alcohol permitted on board the fishing and boat charters?
Yes, it is permitted, but in moderation.

How are gratuities handled?
The average is 15-20 percent of the fishing and boat charter trip rate. It is not included in the trip price.

Do you provide food on the fishing and boat charters?
No. Bring your own food and drink. Bring plenty of water though!

Do I need to get a fishing license for our fishing and boat charter?
No. You do not need a fishing license. All registered charter boats in CT have a blanket license for those on board.

Is there a toilet onboard The Sea Spirite?

Yes, along with hot and cold fresh water!!!

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